My career as a visual artist started at HMH Publications, more commonly known as Playboy Magazine, what an interesting reflection! I taught classes in make up and fashion trends to all the receptionists to keep up the image of having the hottest, most beautiful girls in the city. I was also the one and only tour guide for the Playboy Mansion, which we all just thought of as Hef’s house. I went from Playboy to sex drugs and rock n’ roll, a term commonly used in the recording industry. I took a deep breath and decided to test the waters. First stop… ABC Records. As my career moved onward and upward, I went from ABC to Casablanca Records. I was a publicist, art director and tour director with a few other hats thrown in. It was so surreal, I remember thinking, “I have arrived.” Casablanca was first class all the way! My first cover story was Ebony Magazine, which was fairly easy for me since I happen to be Black. Rolling Stone was up next and I found that developing pure tenacity was the only way I was going to win this game. At that time, trying to get a black artist on the cover was easier said than done because it was a known fact that sales would drop significantly at lease it was what I was told. Even though Donna Summer was one of the hottest artists on the charts the Disco Queen, it was an incredibly hard sell, but it worked out well and the rest is music history.

My first love has always been art. I returned to school to learn the craft I was born to do. My first designed and published artwork was a double-truck illustrated ad for Michael Jackson in Daily Variety Magazine, which was honoring Sammy Davis Jr. for 60 years of entertainment. From there, Billboard Magazine recommended me to RealSong Diane Warren. As my career continued to progress, I gained clients such as Berry Gordy, The Gordy Company, Ringo Starr, Hills Down Foods, Pioneer Electronic, Word Records, The City of Hope, Billboard Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Goldman Lichtenberg Wasserman Grossman Inc., and WEA International. I’ve also enjoyed my work as a Fashion Stylist for photo shoots, television specials, and videos for such artists as Cameo, Motley Crue, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Jennifer Holiday, Gladys Knight, Hugh Masekela, Parliament, Prince, Lionel Richie, Donna Summer and Joey Travolta.

I hope you have enjoyed the site and my out of the mainstream bio. Who is Nellie Prestwood? Simply put, she is a unique woman who marches to the beat of a drum she designed herself with a rhythm all her own.. The best way of expressing myself is a visual thing I hope you have a few chuckles maybe even a great laugh. “Remember, a day without laughter is a day without living.”

“May you always feel the sun on your face, and know that the wind is under your wings, always keep a song in your heart and your eyes focused on your dream.”